Imagine a world without colours: a sky without the blue, fields without the green, a sun without the yellow, a summer sunset without the red. A sad world, to say the least…
Colours influence our emotions and our sensations, they communicate our mood and our style. Colours are the soul of our company. Each lens is like a small work of art: a perfect balance between tints, highlights and processing.
Every year we produce thousands of sunglasses that colour your look, the perception and the look of the wearer.
Each lens is fruit of a careful study of colours to guarantee the tone, the shades and the effects requested by our client.


Craftsmanship and technology meet in the production process of our sun lenses. On the one hand the cutting-edge machinery and on the other, the irreplaceable experience of our technicians ensure unique and personalised lenses.
We are proud to say that our production is totally Made in Italy. Our lenses are processed from start to finish in our factory in Lozzo di Cadore using quality raw materials.


We could have started this section with our history, but we thought it was our job and our passion to start telling you about us.
DRP was founded in 2010 and is one of the few companies in Italy working in the field of ophthalmic lenses. Since then we have invested in continuous research to update and digitise our production processes, whilst maintaining people and quality at the centre of our business. Sophisticated and unique products together with a close relationship with our customers are the foundations of our past success, the focus for our work in the present and vision for the future.